Trend: Digital Marketing Certifications

Meetups are awesome ways to stay connected and be visible in the design and marketing communities. They always are worth the time and if you meet one person or learn one new thing they are certainly of value.

I recently attended a Meetup sponsored by the folks at–a site and company that I was unfamiliar with until I attended the group. Their Meetup is still in its infancy stage which is always a wonderful time to join–you can really get to see the group expand and hopefully become an influence in the group as it evolves.

The topic of the Meetup was valuable enough covering effective social media. I found myself more intrigued by the whole concept of, however, and ended up googling news on its co-founder while also paying attention to the social media lessons. How had I not heard about Ryan Deiss before? He’s the co-founder and brainchild behind’s online-procured digital marketing certifications.

The certifications offered by Deiss’ company offer two interesting possibilities: the chance for individuals to learn digital marketing skills without a formal secondary education/college program along with the real possibility that hiring managers can use these certifications as a qualifier when reviewing digital marketing talent. Check out my blog post on The WunderBlog for additional reading of this interesting topic!

Author: Sharon Potsch

Truly my vocation, my recruiting career is built upon collaborating with individuals to realize new heights in their careers and partnering with companies to craft world-class teams through strategic hires. I work with candidates and clients to truly understand their search and develop a positive, effective strategy to help them meet their objectives. From meeting with job seekers to start a search, to listening to clients discuss their critical hiring needs, I provide an honest, positive, and transparent recruitment process for the candidates and clients I'm fortunate to be partnered with.

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