Online Job Applications

pexels-photo-276459Ugh…just the mere thought of an online job application can make you completely sick to your stomach. They always crash. Always. And they crash riiiiiight as you complete the Tell Us Something Amazingly Unique About Yourself box. Always.

These Online Job Applications reside within robust Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS, that were typically used by larger corporations to track and house the thousands of applicants pounding on their door for a job. As competition has crept into the staffing and online recruiting space, all sizes of organizations are warming up to implementing these systems. While these systems allow for internal recruiters or human resources executives to safely house, store, and search candidate information they do yield a hands-off, less cozy application process for the job seeker.

Empowering yourself with reverse engineering these tools will allow you to raise above the competition. Check out this great article on Glassdoor (my opinions included!) for some great tips on circumventing this time-consuming, yet ever-important part of the job search process.

Author: Sharon Potsch

Truly my vocation, my recruiting career is built upon collaborating with individuals to realize new heights in their careers and partnering with companies to craft world-class teams through strategic hires. I work with candidates and clients to truly understand their search and develop a positive, effective strategy to help them meet their objectives. From meeting with job seekers to start a search, to listening to clients discuss their critical hiring needs, I provide an honest, positive, and transparent recruitment process for the candidates and clients I'm fortunate to be partnered with.

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