Welcome to HirePlexus

Consider HirePlexus your hiring navigator–a source of hiring trends, optimism, and empowerment to agencies, organizations, and individuals.

HirePlexus provides hands-on recruiting expertise on a transparent, hourly basis to the nation’s top start-ups, mobile engineering agencies and design firms from Silicon Valley to Chicago and beyond. Our hiring ability knows no location: our ability to listen, find highly sought-out talent, and help you build an approachable, efficient staffing model ensures our clients get the right teams assembled and move faster.

If you’re seeking on-trend, current career advice in the engineering, UX, marketing or creative space, HirePlexus also helps individuals navigate complex career paths to realize their true career potential. We hear what clients want–let us help empower you to be noticed for the unique, unequalled candidate you are.

I founded HirePlexus from my foundation of creating lasting, powerful relationships generated by a 15-year career in agency staffing across creative, UX, and marketing verticals. I’ve interviewed thousands of individuals and align with companies whose seek to better their vision, while fulfilling my passion for helping individuals reach theirs.