Elevate Careers

Together, we climb new heights.

Whether you’re just starting out and need professional guidance to help interview or you’re looking to move your career in a new direction,  we’ll work together to help bring you out of the grey and into clear, defined steps forward.

We have the conversations you can’t have with anyone else: focused, exclusive career conversations that propel you to your Next Step.

Working together is easy–contact me for a consultative, free introductory call and we’ll determine your needs and schedule our calls: virtually, via phone, or face-to-face. Payment structures are easy and clear.

Packages are fully customizable and walk you through all facets of your career journey:

      • LinkedIn Roadmap
      • Resume Refinement
      • Interview Prep
      • Portfolio and Case Studies Exploration
      • Developing Effective Social Connections
      • Structuring a Search
      • Navigating a New Role: The First 3, 6, 9 Months and Year
      • Promotions : Asking & Receiving
      • The Balance : Mom’ing, Saving, Thriving
      • One Time or Ongoing, Retained Career Support

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