HirePlexus: Welcome!

so·lar plex·us| ˌsōlər ˈpleksəs |


a complex of radiating nerves of the sympathetic system at the pit of the stomach.

You know that phrase, “trust your gut?” That is what I do–I trust my gut to hire, elevate, and guide teams and individuals through complex career and organizational landscapes.

My work has positively shaped and influenced national and international product delivery and engineering teams while helping individuals tap into their unique talents to reach new career heights.

HirePlexus provides hands-on recruiting expertise on a transparent, hourly basis to the nation’s top start-ups, mobile engineering agencies and design firms with onsite or internationally distributed teams.

HirePlexus also helps individuals navigate complex career paths to realize their true career potential. Working directly with CEOs, Chief People Officers, and hiring managers around the globe provides unique insight into how candidates land dream jobs. My passion is to share that knowledge, helping to empower you to be noticed for the unique, unequalled candidate you are.

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