Personalized, Customized Coaching for Individuals or Teams

Together, we have the conversations you can’t have with anyone else: focused, exclusive career conversations to brainstorm and understand your current situation, building your strength within to identify your Next Step. 

  • Career roadmap discussions for creative and marketing professionals 
  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile reviews and enhancement
  • Overall direction, career pathing, and orientation 
  • Conversations to help find your breakthrough, vision, and Next Step 

The big firms are too big. Recruiters are too limited. HirePlexus is the right fit to guide your team or individuals to What’s Next for them. Whether finding their next step within or outside your organization,  guide them to their Next Step in a positive, customized approach. 

  • Customized and right-sized career outplacement for creative and marketing teams
  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile reviews and enhancement for team members
  • Tailored referrals to creative and marketing recruiters and opportunities 
  • Coaching to help individuals progress to new roles within your organization 

Recruiting : HirePlexus helps solve the complexities of hiring

HirePlexus provides hands-on recruiting expertise such as sourcing hard to find talent and organizing repeatable search strategies and recruiting processes to provide your organization with the tools you need to hire and engage talent vital to your company’s growth. My expertise lends to either your existing human resources and recruiting team or as a consultative arm to organizations looking for an external partner to support the demanding  needs of hiring and building teams. 

  • Recruit for niche roles
  • Source hard-to-find talent
  • Recruit and screen new and incoming candidates to identify best fit 
  • Build and provide best-in-class candidate experiences 
  • Create engaging onboarding processes for new hires 
  • Develop and implement organized, streamlined, and compliant hiring processes
  • Vet candidates through high quality, in-depth screening interviews 
  • Write and craft effective job descriptions to improve marketability and consistency